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COVID-19 support

Is my policy impacted if I receive the COVID-19 vaccine?

We would like to reassure our Health Insurance and Life Insurance policyholders that your policies will continue as normal, and are in no way impacted, if you receive a MedSafe approved COVID-19 vaccine.

I have a Southern Cross Life Insurance policy. Am I covered if I contract Covid-19 and I pass away?

If you have a Southern Cross policy which has Life Cover, your family may be able to make a claim if you get sick with COVID-19 and pass away. This policy does not have any pandemic exclusions and COVID-19 won’t be excluded as a cause of claim. Your claim will be paid provided you fully disclosed any pre-existing conditions at the time of the application and all terms and conditions have been met.

What can I do if I can’t afford my payments?

If you’re struggling to keep up with your insurance premium due to the financial impacts of the coronavirus pandemic, you may be eligible for Cigna’s COVID-19 Hardship Policy, which provides short-term premium relief. As well as the Hardship Policy Cigna have a range of other options to support customers during this time. Please get in touch with Cigna's friendly team to discuss the options available to you. Please contact Cigna’s Customer Services team on 0800 000 200. They’re available to help you Monday to Friday during regular business hours.

Who provides Southern Cross Life Insurance?

Southern Cross Life Insurance is provided and underwritten by Cigna Life Insurance New Zealand Limited.